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Just ideas I thought I'd voice. You can take them or leave them as you like.

I usually use the Plasma desktop but some of these ideas would apply to others.

I'd really like to have drag and drop in the menu.

It would be cool if all the widgets on the desktop and the panel were locked or unlocked at the same time. You could also lock or unlock them individually independently of all the others.

I see that at least some widgets can be resized and reshaped from any point on the edge(s) but not all of them. If you can't sometimes its difficult to get them placed and arranged where you want them.

In Dolphin it would be nice if hard drives were displayed as hard drives and partitions as partitions and the partitions could be displayed under the hard drives they were on.

Also when you selected a place that the hard drive and partition it was on would open and expand and highlight that place in the same left pane without being on another tab or splitting the pane. Then you could navigate from there.

It would be nice to be able to open the file manager navigate to an audio cd, click a track and have it play without copying to the hard drive first.

By the same token right click the cd and select play. Boom.

Just some ideas that I think would change it from being cumbersome to awesome.

They always told me I couldn't use Linux like windows but I did it anyway.

I did not post this in soapbox because it is not meant to be a rant.
Great insight! Been struggling to OpenSUSE in Linux. I'm learning a lot here Thanks!