On Thu 04 Apr 2019 01:26:03 AM CDT, miheslkivi wrote:

That change puts the configuration file in " /usr/share/ " which makes
it harder to change mid game. Editing that config file is the only way
to alter configs. While it is possible to copy that file to home
directory and always use a command line argument that chooses that file
instead of the default, it is difficult to do for end users.

Users may want to change arena maps too, without sudo.

What solution could there be for this?

Also, that service file, so much needless text, why can't they have
normal config file format ( like for example PPFCU uses ). Also lot of
that information could be just guessed and only if guess is wrong or
unpreferred, user needs to provide other answer. Compression is easiest
to guess.

I tried to build, assuming it would be wrong, hoping that error messages
could bring closer to a solution, but nothing, not even error messages.

Why these files just appeared from somewhere?:

'_service:set_versionpfcu.spec' (http://tinyurl.com/y49y4vq6)

'_service:tar_scm:_servicedata' (http://tinyurl.com/y2go58z8)

The _service files are because it's pulling from git and uses those
files for the actual build. A wrapper script to create a configuration
directory in the user directory is needed by the looks. I can copy over
and use, also check the existence of the directory etc. Can look at
this next week and come up with something.

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