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Thread: Safest Long Term Storage

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterChz View Post
    Rotating drives is a really good suggestion. I wasn't familiar with that technique but failing hard drives as many have mentioned is the worst fear. With an enterprise contract it's not such a big deal, they must make tons on these flaky drives at the very least make us feel dependent on their support contracts. But with some raid inplace, like Raid 1 on primary device has been a life saver to me. I was able to recover twice in 5 years from disastrous failures.

    larryr, that is a fantastic setup. Presuming these are user files, how was access control enforced? Local System Users, Samba or NFS to supply the rest of the office? Curious if there is a better way to provide network attached storage. At home a SAMBA share running one shared user is what connects our phones, TV, Computers to view photos, documents etc. I know SAMBA is more powerful that what I use it for, and I should probably dive in a little deeper. I never jumped into offerings like plex, owncloud, etc. They seem to change and update too quickly for my taste. Just looking for a reliable standby that can integrate with just about any other O.S. to provide greatest functionality.

    Rotating the three drives for your home setup is great too. I appreciate the ext4 with LVM setup. Pretty minimal but robust. Never had trouble with that myself.

    This discussion really makes me realize all the issues with my current setup. While I have a little bit extra in place, not nearly enough if I value my data. I have to look into a safety lock box for some offsite storage, where I can rotate a drive every few months. I don't know that Ill be lucky enough to setup something at a distant relatives or the like. Someone needs to start a low cost co-lo in their garage, or a few people and we can store running computers to archive off site storage.
    Actually I meant "rotating" as spinning platters, ie mechanical drives as opposed to Solid State Drives.
    Since mechanically spinning drives are so cheap compared to SSD, SSDs don't make as much sense for long term storage.
    Rotating as in switching drives can be part of a backup solution.

    Don't ever confuse RAID with backup solutions, RAID is merely improves "fault tolerance" which means that it will address certain kinds of run time problems, but it won't cover plenty of scenarios that a proper backup can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    Never use CDs for archiving, I learned the hard way.
    Look it up, the ink that is hit by the laser in a Writer is completely exposed to air, humidity, physical scratching, anything you can think of.
    I was thinking of the “European Strategic Programme on Research in Information Technology” (ESPRIT): <>.
    • When I got to hear about it around 1987, there was a project in place within ESPRIT to archive all the paintings hanging in all the European Art Galleries on, CD-ROM …
    • The idea was, at that time, to replace the public viewing of the paintings with images on CD-ROM which could be purchased by the general public – including tourists …
    • The (disaster) archive also planned to use CD-ROM as the (30 year life) storage medium – they planned to use the burners and processes used at that time by the music industry …

    Have you ever played a music CD you purchased 30 years ago? My experience is, no problems …

    • Access to the paintings in the Art Galleries was planned to be “only for qualified Art Historians” …

    The whole idea was discarded – because, the “big” galleries are public property – owned by the State – and therefore the pictures hanging there are “public property” …

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    Default Re: Safest Long Term Storage

    Commercial CD creation is a lot different then your typical CD burner. Different methods are used. Doubt a burned disk will last 30 years

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