Hello, I am located in Oslo, Norway; Norwegian is my native language. Unfortunately, Norwegian 'computer language' is based on more or less precise translations from English, so my primary language setting in Leap 15 is English. Since I have spent some 13 years in Germany, Norwegian and German are set as secondary languages. YAST obviously tries to compete at the same level: Under "Nettverkstjenester" (Network Services) i find "Create New Kerberos Server, "Vertsnavn" (Hostname in Norwegian), "LDAP- und Kerberos-Client" (English and German), "E-post Server" (Norwegian and English), "NFS-klient" (Norwegian), "NIS-Client" (English), "NTP-Konfiguration" (etc. | osv. | usw.). I can live with the 'problem', but it is conceivable that it is not limited to YAST.

RGDS | Mvh | MfG,
Jan Chridtian