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I wasn't aware you were trying to use 'xinput --map-to-output' option, and not aware of the impact that it has with respect to the "libinput Calibration Matrix" configuration. I'm not sure what else to advise here, except to raise a bug report perhaps. Perhaps the OpenBoard developers can advise further about this?
As far as I can see it's not OpenBoard. Doing the xinput --map thing seems to invoke some defaults.
If you don't do the input --map thing when you touch the smartboard the mouse moves on the primary screen. You need to tell it where the touch is coming from
Interestingly I found a python script that calculates the whole thing it even includes how the current matrix is wrong. Adding that to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ just gets
overwritten as soon as you do the xinput --map thing which you have to do last !!

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