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Thread: Help Please with broken wallet and ksshaskpass

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    Default Help Please with broken wallet and ksshaskpass

    Using KDE desktop and I believe I have broken my KDE Wallet installation. As a result when I wish to run a backup with LuckyBackup the ksshaskpass pops up but the password no longer works. Please could somebody guide me to starting over with my Wallet so that the pop ups work. I understand that I will have lost any passwords in my wallet but these can be retrieved from other sources. It is the wallet password itself that has been lost. Sorry to be so dumb but help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help Please with broken wallet and ksshaskpass

    From your home directory:
    rm -rf .local/share/kwalletd
    That should do what you want.

    It's best to do that from outside of KDE. So maybe login to Icewm and run that command. And then login to KDE again, and it should give you a fresh start on "kwallet".
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