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Unlikely until someone reports an issue to the openSUSE admin email address, AFAIK it's one thing slated to be moved...
Surely this same overall problem (Microfocus SSO for at least web assets) has been around so long and so widespread that this couldn't go unnoticed.
And nowadays, Enterprises (I consider SUSE/openSUSE large enough and and for what it does) easily should have implemented a centralized log collection and automatic analysis long before now.

So, for instance, I seem to remember that Elastic was being implemented and deployed in some ways a couple years ago and likely still today, at least powering online web stats.
In the area of log data collection, filtering, transforming, searching and providing some basic data visualizations, it's one of the leading solutions today, and of course it's a very minor step to take that one step further and generate alerts when errors start showing up in the logs.

Just sayin... The expertise of those people who created your previous Elastic based solution could be applied to this perhaps more urgent problem...

This is a common sense, pro-active approach companies normally deploy instead of being reactive, relying on people to apply sometimes significant amount of time to create a detailed report that likely doesn't provide any more necessary information for troubleshooting.