I can't close unsaved file tabs in Rstudio. The dialoque window asking if i want to save doesn't seem to record my clicking.
The same problem appeared when asked if i want to save the workspace when leaving. Disabling that dialogue, from global options, got rid of the problem.
However I wouldn't want to close the file tabs without being asked if i wanted to save them.

I understand it could be a problem with the Qt libs Rstudio is linking to?

I've installed RStudio with Yast.
Tried installing the one from Rstudio website, but that one is asking for a lib I don't know how to install (or even if I should):
" error while loading shared libraries: libgstreamer-0.10.so.0: cannot open shared object file "

With Suse 43.2 Rstudio used to work fine.

I'm not a programmer, but if anyone has any ideas about a starting point I can dig into it.

Thank you.