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Thread: Force named to search for doamin IP

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    Default Force named to search for doamin IP

    We are using BIND (named) as our DNS resolver. Yesterday (14-Feb-2019) we changed the IP address and name servers for a domain ( that we will eventually decommission. The purpose is to allow the registrar's services to redirect the domain to another site.

    The issue is that our ISP's DNS server has not yet gotten the word, over 24 hours later, so our local server is still receiving the old IP address (

    Is there a way to force a name lookup to search past our ISP's server, thereby updating its records?

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    Default Re: Force named to search for doamin IP

    For what you're doing, you should have prepared your Domain by going to your own DNS and setting a very short TTL. Once set, most downstream DNS will respect that setting (some like Proxy Servers might not). So, for the general Internet it's too late. You should still inspect your current TTL setting though to get an idea how long you'll likely have to wait for the changes to propagate.

    For hosts in a specific network only or devices you have immediate control over, you have two options to enable enable immediate changes...
    - If you have your own LAN DNS Server, you can set up your zone with the new values.
    - You can configure or push hosts files to every machine in your LAN with the new setting.

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