I'm trying to configure MicroOS network with the help of cloud-init (DataSourceLocalDisk). I've managed to understand where to put the files (/cloud-init-config/) and which files (meta-data, user-data). I'm OK with the mecanics of updating the instance-id to make the change (along with the transactional-update bits, obviously), I've been able to figure out that it takes my meta-data and user-data into account, but it's actually not configuring the network at all (I tried to set some ssh keys from user-data, which proved to work).

The doc from Kubic cloud-init does not help much (it doesn't even say that the userdata files must be in /cloud-init-config), so I'm a little lost (not to say completely lost) on the exact process of configuring the network piece.

Can someone details this for me?