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Thread: Installing NVIDIA on modern machines ending disastrously

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    Default Re: Installing NVIDIA on modern machines ending disastrously

    Yes, you can lock packages, even the nvidia ones. F.e.
    sudo zypper al kernel-default
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    Default Re: Installing NVIDIA on modern machines ending disastrously

    Just a grand-closure for this thread and Nvidia/bumblebee setup I was able to do the following:

    1. Install LEAP 15.0 fresh, without nouveau activated (otherwise the laptop freezes and cannot boot)
    Do not upgrade as it often installs nouveau somehow.
    2. Add Nvidia repo for LEAP 15.
    3. Add CUDA repo for LEAP 15.
    4. Install cuda which installs the Nvidia.
    5. reboot, update then reboot again.
    6. Install Codecs then reboot.

    Below steps only apply to laptops with dual graphics (Lenovo T480, Lenovo W430, Alienware 15, Toughbook CF-31, Lenovo T420, Lenovo T430)
    7. Install bumblebee with some modification
    You don't need to make symbollic link to
    and instead when configuring

    set the nvidia path to the following
    LibraryPath=/usr/lib64:/usr/libI also did not add bumblebee repo and did not install the bumblebee nvidia drivers as they are not compatible with cuda 10.1
    Then I update and reboot.
    8. I change the application launcher to use the following for nvidia-settings
    optirun -b none nvidia-settings -c :8
    and in some cases set
    and change the line to
    options bbswitch load_state=-1 unload_state=1
    This was required for all Lenovo laptops I have.

    Now I can freely enjoy GPU programming+bumblebee+nvidia + make sure the computer is used fully. In a different topic, I also installed thinkfan to control the temperatures better as the default settings were quite bad (fan starts at 55 degrees celsius) and laptops constantly overheated.

    Be mindful of the sequence, as I have tried mixing up the sequence and it made a lot of mess whenever I did and I had to re-install from beginning.

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