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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmazda View Post
    I'm stymied choosing a title. My current thought is:
    Using nomodeset to Foil Gfxcard Upgrade & Installation Obstacles
    I'm still bothered by the length, but maybe length shouldn't even matter.
    Too long and too confusing.

    Maybe: "Workaround for graphics card problems during install"

    Or perhaps even remove the first two words of that.

    That's an attempt to avoid the words "nomodeset", "foil" and "obstacle" in the title.

    The trouble with "nomodeset" is that it will be unfamiliar for many people who need it. The trouble with "foil" and "obstacle" is that they will be unfamiliar words that people who are not native English speakers, and will thus be an obstacle for them.

    It isn't important to sound sophisticated or highly literate. What's important is communicating.

    Just my opinion.
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