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On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:46:03 +0000, Haoleboy wrote:

> Hello everyone; I have a question regarding watching movies from Netflix
> that I watch on my laptop. A lot of the movies are in "letterbox", and
> some of them are full screen. Bear in mind, when I watch movies from
> Netflix on our flat screen, they are full screen. Can anyone give me an
> answer why? I have just started using openSUSE Gnome, and I have used
> Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, and a few others, but I get the same
> results. I have 8 gigs of Ram, and keep my systems updated constantly.
> Does it have something to do with the codecs? If so, what can I do about
> it?
> Thank you very much! Dave

Shouldn't have anything to do with the codecs - but I'm not entirely sure
I understand your question.

What is the aspect ratio of your flat screen?

Not all movies are shot using the same aspect ratio, so it's natural to
have black bars above/below to fill in the space that wasn't in the
original format.


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I did not realize that it was normal for Netflix to do that. It sounds like that is just the way the movies are made. Thank you all for your comments!!