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Testing by chessplayers needed
Particularly using the RPM which builds without error but sometimes might have a problem hooking up to a chessboard.
The early feedback you can provide might promote openSUSE as a platform of choice by future players and developers!

And of course I'm also looking to improve the installation instructions.
I don't know if non-chessplayers will understand enough of the app to analyze and evaluate functionality, though.

Your additional benefit is that you'll have an Engine that's among the strongest today, is cutting edge and is the only Engine capable of GPU computing (although currently only AMD support is compiled for now)

I would consider current status of the instructions "late Beta," ie next to Final Release quality.

Visit the link in the above quote to get started.

If you have the necessary Nvidia components installed, rebuilding the src rpm should add the proprietary backend support automatically as it will search for them.