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Thread: January 2019 screenshots

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    Default January 2019 screenshots

    Here is my incredible 4k monitor with Conkywx version 181207. Some of the conkys actually scroll down, or up if you wanted. The music scroll sideways.
    Conkywx can be gotten from here. Written by someone who knows a lot about weather, conky, and many other things.

    The thread to post questions to is on the Ubuntu Forums here.
    But, I would start from the end, not the beginning.

    Current: Arch Linux, Fedora 29, openSUSE TW, Xubuntu 18.04 LTS and Windows 10.
    Intel Core i7-4770K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Mobo: ASUSTeK, model: Z87-K, Mem: 16GB,
    HD: OCZ VERTEX460 480GB SSD, 2 Toshiba 2TB SATA drives, Sound Blaster Audigy Series

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    Default Re: January 2019 screenshots

    Tumbleweed with Plasma, using the plasma settings I managed to get a Plasma very similar to Gnome shell and more having the effects of Kwin .... very satisfied
    Correct me if I'm wrong .

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    Default Re: January 2019 screenshots

    Haha Enziosavio, you and i seem to be going for the same ideal.
    Very nice btw.

    Here's my desktop which also uses Plasma but is setup to emulate Gnome shell to a degree.
    For those wondering why not just use Gnome. I use KDE mainly because of kwin. Gnome's tiling abilities combined with application workspace specific settings have been buggy for me. KDE's level of customisation is very much appreciated and kwin specifically has consistently delivered features, customisations and stability that's desired.

    Here is my KDE Plasma desktop inspired by Gnome Shell. This is also my everyday environment.

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    Default Re: January 2019 screenshots

    Nice to be back to openSUSE after trying out a few other things.

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