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Thread: How to send SMS from KDE desktop

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    Default How to send SMS from KDE desktop

    How to send SMS from my KDE Desktop? I see some SMS options in Android application, but I don't know, how to send it from desktop. I see only two options in plasmoid, ring my phone and browse files.

    I found manual for Ubuntu ( ), but the Ubuntu's applet has option, which I don't see in Leap.

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    Default Re: How to send SMS from KDE desktop

    This doesn't work yet from KDEconnect itself. The link provides info about a Ubuntu indicator, which uses KDEconnect and adds this functionality. I'd rather have seen them contribute the same functionality to KDEconnect, but that's another story.
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    Default Re: How to send SMS from KDE desktop

    I've been using pulse sms to send messages from my kde desktop (i'm using tumbleweed):

    I've also used android-messages but it doesn't work as consistently as pulse:

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