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    Today's update consists of four Nvidia updates with the usual Nvidia agreement ending with "Do you agree with the terms of the license? [yes/no] (no):". I have tried entering y, Y, yes, Yes, but all of these merely return me to half way down the agreement, so that I have to cursor down and try again. Anything else shuts me down as having rejected the agreement. Am I overlooking something obvious, like not adding "please"? I'm running Tumbleweed on an Asus ROG GL552VW.

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    If you use the terminal you have to scroll to the bottom of the license terms of Nvidia using the keys, alternatively you can use Yast management software and do so in graphical mode and Amen
    Correct me if I'm wrong .

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    When you see the license, hit 'q', then enter 'yes'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knurpht View Post
    When you see the license, hit 'q', then enter 'yes'
    Thanks for the fast reply. The q tip was v handy. q does not equal quit, q equals about 25 presses of Enter. As a matter of interest, neither y nor yes worked; a capital Y was required, and my Tumbleweed is now updated. Thanks again.

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