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Thread: Phonon device list incompelte

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    Default Phonon device list incompelte

    Since a few weeks, when I go to "Systems Settings" -> Multimedia -> "Audio and Video", the "Device Preference" panel contains only "Default" device for audio playback, and no devices at all for Audio Recording and Video Recording.

    I used to see all my devices there, and I could reorder them to give priority to one device or the other. You can see what it looked like in this thread.

    This is what it looks like now, even after I connect my bluetooth headphones (and so I should have at least two output devices):

    This is what e.g. pavucontrol shows after connecting my bluetooth headphones:

    I have checked every sound/multimedia troubleshooting guide I could find, but everything seems correct.
    Anybody else noticing this problem? I have the problem on two computers (my work laptop and my home desktop).

    If you need more information about my systems, just ask.

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