got a laptop with an amd R5 gfx card (https://support.hp.com/emea_middle_e...ment/c06041490) which is running leap 15.
it has a power draining issues though when shut down so for the bugzilla I wanted to install the latest kernel (tumbleweed) alongside leap 15 so I can test it with that.
So downloaded the tumbleweed installer and put it on the usb, it boots up, select installing in grub, the normal message scroll over the screen (you know found drives etc. etc) and then the screen turns black and that is it.
I tested this with the full install, the network install and the live cd and they all behave the same.
It all scroll by really fast but I think I see something like it starting the opensuse installer (or something along those lines) and then it goes black, it feels a lot like it wants to set a screen resolution or frequency which is not supported.
ctrl+alt F1 to F7 give no visible changes

Checked out the posts here like "Kernel 4.19.1 won't boot (black screen)" which looked familiar and tried the idea's posted there:

radeon.si_support=0 radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1 amdgpu.cik_support=1

plymouth.enable=0 console=tty
but most of the stuff there is about an already installed tumbelweed, which is not the case here.
so a bit at a loss here.....