It is probably the dumb Microsoft Effect - if it works - change it so it doesn't or make it so it requires newer hardware. We are at the point where Linux is forgetting about 32 bit systems - we have already forgotten about 16 bit systems which I learned on. Tandy and Convergent had nice 16bit Unix in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Or the Intel effect - if we add memory - we need applications to use it all - everyone should have to use Unix on a 16 bit computer with 16K of ram and disks that were 5MB (2.5mb of 16bit words) - then you would understand why we had seperate file systems. I started with Unix on a PDP11-30 in 1973 with 2 5MB hard drives and 16K of ram. Had to compile all the pieces on a PDP11-45 as it had enough memory to comple the Unix kernel the PDP11-30 did not. For the newbees - the RK05 hard disk took about 15 minutes to write all 5MB of data. It was a lot faster than the cassette tape drives we ran programs from.

Nothing added to Unix/Linux since System V except the removal of the system panics and the conversion to streams have made any sense.

Unix added sysadmin to allow non-unix systems programmers to admin their Unix and not know why it works - now we have YAST - another crutch that allows the same thing - the sad part is everyting the YAST GUI does is a command line instruction that should have been done from a command prompt. Learn Unix/Linux.

We had X - but we want to make it look like Windows - why? I have moved to MATE because it feels like old gnome - the new gnome feels like Microsoft Windows - the worlds worst virus.

We had C and C+ but it was too compact, protable, and hard to learn - so we replaced it with oversized slow Java - the most easily to compromise a system with language with her is a jar that does what you need - sorry it it spys on you. If you could program you wouldn't be spyed on.

We had init - but we wanted to remove it for systemd - for a few seconds more startup time?

We had lpadmin - now we have Apple's crutch CUPS - still does lpadmin commands but hidden from the user.

We have cron - but we replace it with systemd timers - If we wanted smaller timers - we wrote our own schedulers to do that.

Now the old Ethernet tools are being replace with a one size fits all replacement.

If you have to support 1,000's of Unix/Linux systems spread around the world like I had to - you would discover the the GUI cannot do the job - It all has to be scripted and every possible error has to be scripted for.

I agree with those that are complaining about the "new and improved" commands - are they better? The still haven't made it user freindly.

It is sad that the GeckoLinux distribution with MATE is easier to install than the Opensuse Distributions. I have install that for many Windows 8 and 10 users that hated the new interface. It looks more like the XP and Vista interface. It is sad that there still over 250 Million Windows XP still running. Almost every ATM and Cash Register is running XP beneith the surface.

End of rant.