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Thread: VNC Leap 15 not working

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    Default VNC Leap 15 not working

    Testing using Vmware 14 player with 3d acceleration disabled

    Following the guide here ( )

    Using Gnome and the display manager default set to
    Going in with VNC I get a login prompt but when I try to log in the screen goes black and on the the session, it crashes and says it can't recover.

    Anyone get this to work?

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    Default Re: VNC Leap 15 not working

    You'll have to be more specific how you set up your server.

    If you search this Forum and the Networking forum, youll also find a number of past threads that discus black screens.

    I also typically try both the VNC client and the web client, and if neither of those work, I also try passing X over ssh.

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