Because of the Dropbox change, I have had to amend my /home partition to ext4. I backed it up, ran Partitioner from yast (in command mode), reload the /home directory and restarted. Despite the fact that everything appeared to hunky-dory before I rebooted, KDE failed to load. The startup routine switched to the normal session where you would expect KDE to start (the one you’d access via ctl-alt-f7) but then it hung. The KDE screens failed to appear.

However, I can logon in command mode in the session I access via ctl-alt-f1. This seems to work perfectly, if command mode is what I want, except that, when I log on as my normal user it tells me “”login: write last log failed: No space left on device”. But df tells me that /home is only 34% full, so it seems, at least superficially, that the problem does not lie with /home. But I can’t think of anywhere else that the problem could lie. (I don’t get this message when I log on as root btw.)

My machine is currently cycling between session 7 and session 1, which makes investigation difficult, but it is nonetheless possible. So where should I look? And any suggestions as to what I should do?