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Thread: Lightspeed opensuse forum

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    Cool Lightspeed opensuse forum

    I don't know how many Opensuse moderators/knowledgeable members are active at any given time, and that obviously will not hurt to say it, but any question is really answered/addressed very very quickly here...
    For someone like me looking at doing some development on Linux, that really matters on top of the fact I needed a rolling desktop distro paired with solid server edition (not yet tested this one). I know the devs wont read this but there is a feeling of professionalism that permeates everything from installation to packages management (love this one) which I suppose has probably something to do with Suse Linux Entreprise.
    The only nuisance is the green colour everywhere.

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    Default Re: Lightspeed opensuse forum

    Quote Originally Posted by leomedia2 View Post
    The only nuisance is the green colour everywhere.
    To be fair, there has been quite colorful SuSE packaging during the decades.
    My favorite color is still green, though. Cheers!

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