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Thread: bash - scanvirus script - beta 6 - offical release

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    Default bash - scanvirus script - beta 6 - offical release

    Hello all. "scanvirus" is a script application that uses the clamscan anti-virus engine. It has minimal functions to learn and it only has two dependencies (udisks2 and clamav). It makes virus scans of multiple drives/devices much easier. IMHO, it's logging system is better than clamscan. It's still a work in progress with some design flaws to work out. It's been run through the fiery forge of bug and design flaw testing. However, any bugs or design flaws not mentioned report them here. Follow the instructions in the script.

    Software License:

    Added Features:
    view scanlog filters: filter by year and month and/or linux or mswin scans
    blocks multi-running scans: scanvirus isn't designed to handle that

    Design flaws:
    control-c interrupt leaves folders behind. So, check this with the '-vf' function.

    '-vf' function limited to KDE - dolphin. Gnome line is untested. To use the gnome code change:
        elif [[ "$1" == '-vf' ]] || [[ "$1" == '-viewfolder' ]] ; then
            printf "open window..."
            #kdesu dolphin /var/log/VirusVault/  >/dev/null 2>&1
            gnome-open /var/log/VirusVault/  >/dev/null 2>&1
            printf "\n"
    'clamd' loads. However, there are no functions to support it.

    sha256sum scanvirus
    6b6fdde08addaf039e6a1bb7e50c4a46abb18004d8b55c8a56939868c0671e7f  scanvirus

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    Default Re: bash - scanvirus script - beta 6 - offical release

    I found a bug in the view logs filter. Note this work around:

    scanvirus -vl d 2019 1 --- False
    scanvirus -vl d 2019 01 --True

    January to September: 1-9 --> 01-09

    I'll fix the bug in the next version. I'm currently studying clamd to integrate it into scanvirus.

    Any suggestions for improvement or bug(s) found, post here.

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    Default Re: bash - scanvirus script - beta 6 - offical release

    Tips - most common commands:

    scanvirus -l ul
    scanvirus -m mup
    scanvirus -vl -d 2019 2
    scanvirus -vl -dl 2019 2
    scanvirus -vl -dm 2019 2

    Recommended for EFI systems when booting to linux:

    scanvirus -m

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