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Thread: After update to VirtualBox 5.2.22, Windows 8.1 VM fails to start

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    Default Re: After update to VirtualBox 5.2.22, Windows 8.1 VM fails to start

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    You should also inspect your Win8.1 system logs, focusing of course on the boot.
    In Windows, that would be your Event Viewer.
    Although you might find something labeled "critical,"
    I'd instead advise you to locate the relevant "shutdown" and "startup" entries, the scroll forward until you see something that could be related to the boot problem.

    The Event Viewer is typically sized to hold at least a couple weeks' worth of entries, so your entries within the past few days should be there.

    Be sure to add whatever you find to your bug report.

    I looked at the Win 8.1 event logs, focusing on the date/time when I tried to boot the Windows VM under Tumbleweed's VB. The errors come from Desktop Window Manager (fatal error 0x8898008d, showing up about twice per second), followed by a Kernel Power error (caused by shutting down the VM via the VB shutdown menu item). For reference, two detailed views:
    - System 
      - Provider 
       [ Name]  Desktop Window Manager 
      - EventID 9020 
       [ Qualifiers]  49152 
       Level 2 
       Task 0 
       Keywords 0x80000000000000 
      - TimeCreated 
       [ SystemTime]  2018-12-05T07:50:13.000000000Z 
       EventRecordID 28655 
       Channel Application 
       Computer Win8_1-VM 
    - EventData 
    - System 
      - Provider 
       [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power 
       [ Guid]  {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4} 
       EventID 41 
       Version 3 
       Level 1 
       Task 63 
       Opcode 0 
       Keywords 0x8000000000000002 
      - TimeCreated 
       [ SystemTime]  2018-12-05T07:52:14.082522200Z 
       EventRecordID 22405 
      - Execution 
       [ ProcessID]  4 
       [ ThreadID]  8 
       Channel System 
       Computer Win8_1-VM 
      - Security 
       [ UserID]  S-1-5-18 
    - EventData 
      BugcheckCode 0 
      BugcheckParameter1 0x0 
      BugcheckParameter2 0x0 
      BugcheckParameter3 0x0 
      BugcheckParameter4 0x0 
      SleepInProgress 0 
      PowerButtonTimestamp 0 
      BootAppStatus 0
    Maybe this helps. I will append this also to the bugzilla report.

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    Default Re: SOLVED After update to VirtualBox 5.2.22, Windows 8.1 VM fails to start

    Hmmm ... I could resolve my issue on my own. Actually, it's due to a little fault I committed a while ago. Very sorry for making public noise while taking a little circular detour on my learning curve!

    What happened? I googled the Windows Desktop Window Manager fatal error message 0x8898008d, and while that remained as inconclusive as any Windows matter I got pointed towards a graphics card driver issue. Some bell started ringing faintly.

    My laptop has an NVIDIA Quadro 1000M graphics card with GF108GFM GPU ("Fermi" GPU, NVIDIA support discontinued). I am using the nouveau driver with Tumbleweed, with Mesa-dri-nouveau 3D acceleration being blacklisted from the installation. It says to be experimental and in particular not recommended for KDE / Qt environments. (Well, I tested it shortly again, and in fact it caused screen freezes quite quickly.) With Manjaro, I am using the legacy video-nvidia-390xx driver. There had been reasons to use these particular set-ups for the two distros, but I forgot the full details of why (they are somewhere in my notes).

    Hmmm, when VirtualBox versions fell out of sync between Manjaro and Tumbleweed (T being behind), I started using VB under Manjaro only, and at some point in time I did switch on 3D graphics acceleration. That was fine with Manjaro, but ... yesterday ... it was in conflict with my Tumbleweed, which doesn't have 3D acceleration - and this had escaped from my memory until it came up again today.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your help. Encouraging me to look into the Windows logs was a good hint. Sorry again for the noise.

    Two things left now: I have to mark this thread as Solved, and have to cancel the bugzilla report.

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    Default Re: AW: After update to VirtualBox 5.2.22, Windows 8.1 VM fails to start

    Quote Originally Posted by 111MilesToGo View Post
    Nicely done.

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    Default Re: After update to VirtualBox 5.2.22, Windows 8.1 VM fails to start


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