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Thread: Qt Creator not showing debug in "application output"

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    Default Qt Creator not showing debug in "application output"

    I'm running Tumbleweed with the current Qt Creator (4.7.1) and Qt (5.11.2). When I run a project that emits debug output (such as
    in QML or
    qDebug() << "..."
    in C++) in Qt Creator, it does not show in the "Application Output" pane. Output from C++'s "cout" and (surprisingly) "cerr" do show. If I select "run in terminal" in the project's run configuration, it shows a terminal and does display the debug output. If I run the project's executable in a new Konsole window, it also will display this output. If I use a different version of Qt I have installed from Qt to build the project, I see the debug output. Finally, if I start Qt Creator from a Konsole window (running "qtcreator" on the command line) instead of clicking it in the application menu, I also see the debug output.

    First of all, can anyone else confirm this behavior, or is there something unique going on with my system? I will note that some time in the past this did work, but I also re-installed Tumbleweed from scratch recently on a new hard drive. This is not related to qtlogging.ini (as in a similar issue in Red Hat; I have created that file in ~/.config/QtProject to no effect and there is no such file in /etc/xdg/QtProject or /usr/share/qt5.

    Second of all, there are several bug "discussions" I have found (including and about this. The second one especially may apply as it looks like Tumbleweed is building Qt with the "-journald" option like ArchLinux is as discussed in the second bug. But the bugs I am finding are closed, either "fixed" or out of scope. Is this something I should report on OpenSUSE Bugzilla, or should I just add some information to those upstream bugs and try to swim against the current there?

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    Unhappy Re: Qt Creator not showing debug in "application output"

    Has there been a solution to this? I see it in journalctl -xn but NOT in the standard application log (console) panel.

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    Default Re: Qt Creator not showing debug in "application output"

    I don't use QT Creator, but I seem to remember from time to time that the debugger is not set up properly by default. If you're getting output from the command line but not in the GUI, that may be a strong indicator this is what happened.

    In fact,
    It looks like this might so common an issue that Qt Creator documentation discusses this extensively.
    The following 2 articles are good places to start... Debugging setup is just that, you can verify your settings. The other describes a little bit further configuration to invoke debugging...

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