Hi all,

Old pal here, but first time since 90s, that my primary PC is running Linux.
The only reason I was using Windows, since the Vista fiasco, is/was game. Right now, I am still using Windows for gaming, using another bootable disk.
However, Nvidia release a great opportunity for all non-Window users, with GeForce NOW.
For those of you who don't know what this is, it is a custom remote desktop, where you can install and run tons of AAA titles without a local high end pc. It renders the game in the server, and sends only streaming video. Therefore, you can play even from a mobile device (they provide an android client).

Unfortunately, the available clients at the moment are Windows, OSX and Android. Linux is not available for now. There is a thread in Nvidia forums, where lots of users are asking for support, but nothing official yet.

Until then, can anyone imagine another way to run GFN on Suse?
I tried with WINE, but cannot install it.
I thought of using the Android client with AnBox, but there is no official support for Suse.
I thought Docker, but I am not even sure GFN supports unattended setup.
VMWare, will use huge amount of space for such a small application.

Any ideas? Is there a way to install it on Windows, make a portable container and run it on Suse/Wine?