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Thread: Create an EFI capable extended SuSE rescue medium

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    Default Create an EFI capable extended SuSE rescue medium


    in order to install many Win/linux desktops at once years ago I created an adapted SuSE rescue system that does the image copying from a image master file to the desktops by some scripts. The system is based on syslinux and the rescue image used in SuSE from suse/boot/x86_64/loader/* that can be booted from a USB stick or via PXE. My adoptions (scripts) are in the suse/boot/x86_64/loader/rescue image itself that is loaded during boot up. This worked great.

    In between UEFI is widespread and so I wanted to adopt my image writing system to UEFI. The problem here is that I need to boot my copy system via UEFI else I do not have the chance to reinstall grub on the clone to get the UEFI nvram of the host set up correctly for booting.

    So what I need now is to create an boot image containing an adapted SuSE rescue image that can boot via UEFI eg from a USB Stick.

    In the end this is the same procedure SuSE used to create their bootable eg LEAP15 medium but with an extended rescue image and without all the rpms in it.

    Does anyone know how I can create such a system?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Default Re: Create an EFI capable extended SuSE rescue medium

    I'm not completely sure what you are wanting to do.

    You could just download a live system from HERE
    and copy that to a USB. The first time that you boot that USB, it should create a hybrid partition. And any changes you make to the system are written to that hybrid partition and available on next boot.

    You could add additional software as needed. And you could add the image you want if your USB drive is large enough.

    Of the images available there, the "Rescue" image uses XFCE, while the "Gnome" and "KDE" images use the desktop suggested by their names.
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    Default Re: Create an EFI capable extended SuSE rescue medium

    Thanks for your answer, but I think your suggestion would not do what I want.
    Putting it briefly, I boot a SuSE Rescue-System (from usb) where I changed the rescue-image by adding some stuff I need for cloning machines. Now I needed to boot this rescue image from a usb stick in EFI mode, which was something I did not know how to do.

    In between I found a way by creating a EFI USB image, containing an EFI fat partition that uses SuSE rescue linux kernel and the (modified) rescue initrd. Booting is done by syslinux. This works now (today morning it did not yet run as expected)....


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