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Thread: Create bootable disk for Mac

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    On Mon 26 Nov 2018 02:26:03 PM CST, arvidjaar wrote:

    Selenakim;2887370 Wrote:
    > I am going to creat a bootable disk for old mac to install a new OS.

    So you explained what you are trying to do. And what does not work? Or
    alternatively what you need help with? Your question is how to burn ISO
    image to disk?

    At least MacBook I have at home fails to boot from multi boot DVD (it
    presents “menu” to chose loader on DVD but keyboard does not work,
    so no way to make choice). openSUSE images are multiboot (legacy and
    EFI). The only way is to use USB stick.

    But this is pure speculation because you did not give us any
    The DVD in my MacBook3,1 (late 2007 model) works, just don't have any
    burnable CD/DVD media around these days to test... been using USB
    devices on this system from when I got given it a few years back
    (needed a new battery and keyboard cable)... just used dd from Linux
    for the osX (10.7.5) image.

    Cheers Malcolm °¿° SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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    Default Re: Create bootable disk for Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by Selenakim View Post
    (Continue the locked thread)
    I got it from Google ,click it for more :
    Obviously SuSE 13.2 is useless for making a bootable DVD,because my Mac couldn't boot from it ,(I tested it on Mac,not Windows computer)

    Is there anyone here who can help me ?
    For more :
    You can't get more value from an old thread , it worked on my macOS Mojave .

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