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    I just finished a fresh install of openSUSE Tumbleweed. I downloaded Chrome browser because it's my choice browser (although I want to try Brave but it keeps saying unknown platform), and when I double-click the .rpm file, Discover opens and it says "please make sure Appstream is properly setup on your system." What does this mean? Chrome keeps failing with an internal error when I ignore this, so what's going on?

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    Sounds like you didn't really install Chrome the usual way, you downloaded an appstream version of Chrome from somewhere.

    Most people will go to the following website and install Chrome from there

    But, many if not most people wouldn't even do that...
    They'd install Chromium from your default OSS repo.

    Chromium is the open source project that develops and maintains the community version of the Chrome family code base.
    Google then takes the Chromium browser and modifies it with its own proprietary code to create Chrome versions.
    Chrome is necessary mainly for those who run Extensions that rely on the proprietary code, otherwise for normal web surfing there is probably little difference.

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