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Thread: OBS-studio warning: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'simple_aac'] (Solved)

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    Default OBS-studio warning: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'simple_aac'] (Solved)

    When you install OBS-Studio from Packman repo (or other home repo) it will fail to encode if you already had ffmeg installed from the default OpenSUSE repository.
    By default it will not force the installation of ffmpeg from Packaman.

    You see an error, in OBS-studio, telling you to check your codec and the log file (see in ~/.config/obs/log/)

    The issue:
    OpenSUSE default repo provides an ffmpeg (version 3) which has been compiled without acc support what is expected by OBS-studio in it's default setting.

    The Solution:
    1) remove ffmpeg (either with yast or zypper)
    2) install the package named ffmpeg-3
    ffmpeg-3 is the correct package name in Packman repo. It will install the same tools as the default ffmpeg, BUT with acc support.

    After the change, is you check which Codecs are active in ffmpeg you will see that acc has now ED option (Encode/Decode) before it does not show the option DE

    ---------- console output ----------

    ffmpeg -codecs |grep aac
    ffmpeg version 3.4.4 Copyright (c) 2000-2018 the FFmpeg developers
    DEA.L. aac AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) (decoders: aac aac_fixed libfdk_aac ) (encoders: aac libfdk_aac )
    D.A.L. aac_latm AAC LATM (Advanced Audio Coding LATM syntax)

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    Default Re: OBS-studio warning: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'simple_aac'] (Solved)

    Believe what you describe should have happened automatically if the stickies at the beginning of this Multimedia Forum were followed to do a vendor change to Packman, followed by installing codecs.

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