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Thread: Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

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    Question Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

    My system just survived some problems with its SATA controllers. I've scrubbed all the drives with no errors found but now Gnome Shell is crashing and restarting or crashing to the login screen. These crashes are repeatable when rsyncing my /home/user dir to a separate drive using Luckybackup. This wasn't happening a week ago.

    1. Assuming it's possible I corrupted some system files (I was seeing lots of drive related errors in dmesg for weeks), is there a way to verify my system files? Or reinstall them without wiping?
    2. Where's the best place to report a bug like this? Or is it better to troubleshoot it here in the forums?

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    Default Re: Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

    Depends on what you mean by scrubbed.
    Just because you addressed your hardware problems doesn't mean you've also fixed your software problems.

    Recommend running fsck or its equivalent (depends on your file system) on all affected partitions and disks.
    If you restore from backup, you have to be certain your backup is good. If your backup contains errors, you're just restoring errors to your system.

    If your problems aren't recoverable,
    You may be looking at having to re=install and migrate your Desktop settings and personal files to your new install.

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    Default Re: Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

    Thanks, I meant btrfs scrub, which is the fsck equivalent. And yes, my backups are clean. All my important data is on a btrfs raid1 for safety.

    Meanwhile, my questions remain.

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    Default Re: Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

    How did you ugrade? If not through 'zypper dup' then do so, no other method is supported, as per documentation.
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    Default Re: Gnome Shell crashing (dumped core)

    I've been upgrading every week or three using zypper dup.

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