I did a fresh install of tumbleweed yesterday (kde plasma 5.14.1, kernel 4.18.15-1, kontact 5.9.2) and almost everything is working very nicely aside from a few glitches with kontact.

First glitch: I have added and synced my google calendar with kontact but the calendar events don't automatically load when kontact starts. That is, I have to select my google calendar in the lower left pane of the calendar window to activate the google calendar, even though it is set as the default calendar. Once I select the calendar all the calendar events load immediately. I have to do this every time I start kontact.

Second glitch: In the contacts window, all three panels--address books, names, and the individual contact info--are squeezed together. I can drag them apart so that they are all readably spaced but I have to do this every time I start kontact. I tried using the special window settings and special application settings to remember the window positions but that didn't work.

I hope my explanations are clear. Has anyone else experienced these issues?