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Thread: X11 bell not working

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    Default X11 bell not working

    Just moved to a new machine with Leap42 from an old one with 11.3.
    Apparently the X11 bell (^G or program generated) does not give any beep sound. Also installed xkbbell but also that gives no sound.
    Otherwise "complex" sound works (YAST2 "Test sound" or any browser page with sounds).

    YAST2 shows Sunrise point H HD Audio and driver shd-hda-intel, pulseaudio enabled.

    The same occurs under my account with fvwm as window manager but also under root with default KDE plasma

    How can I repristinate the plain X11 bell ?

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    Default Re: X11 bell not working

    One of many Q&A on the Internet...

    Is important to understand <how> you're sending the system beep command,
    Direct to hardware from a TTY or through the OS sound sub-system which is likely what's happening in YaST

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