I've been a very happy Kmail user for a long time but have recently struck a number of problems, and I'd like to know if anyone else can confirm anything similar or related.

(1) I have my folders organised "Manually, by Drag And Drop" (by right-clicking on the "Name" bar at the top). But some top-level folders randomly seem to go to the bottom of the list, "wastebin" and "Archive" for example, and they're restored to the correct manually set position immediately when clicked.

(2) Folder message-lists (except one) are sorted "Least Recent on Top" and focus goes to the message last read. But occasionally focus stubbornly stays on the message at the top, apparently because the message there has no "Date" shown in the message-list, even though it has a delivery-date header and it's not the one last-read. It's as though the message index just loses that field. Clicking on the folder, going to Folder Properties > Maintenance tab > Reindex current Collection" doesn't fix the problem.

(3) Moving messages between folders sometimes results in duplicate messages, as though messages are copied rather than moved, and a new-message notification comes up. Deleting the unwanted copy eventually works but sometimes it reappears for a while, perhaps until the indexer catches up.

These problems sound to me as though message indexing and its interface to the GUI needs attention.

I have another problem with filters, but it might be better described in a separate email. One of the nice things about Kmail is its extensive filtering options.

David L.