I have a large problem. I need Lazarus and FreePascal working on Linux-Intel/Opensuse Leap 42.3.
Now you probably say : "Hey, that is not a problem, even if you are a beginner, go to https://software.opensuse.org/package/lazarus and 1-click-install one of the community repositories!"
But I say: "Oh yes, it is still a problem: I need to cross-compile to ARM (Raspberry Pi) and I need all sort of libraries included for cross-compiling, i.e. BGRAControls, BGRABitmap, etc.etc.etc."

I tried to compile Lazarus/FPC myself using the compile tool/frontend called "FPCUPDELUXE", latest version, but it always breaks at compiling the Lazarus IDE with a couple of strange errors in the Objectinspector.pp file.

I managed to compile the FPC alone, even including the ARM cross-compiler and even including some (but not all) libraries, but this is no help.

So, I am dreaming of a 1-click-installation of Lazarus/FPC, both latest versions, both able to cross-compile to ARM and including all the >100 libraries mentioned in "Fpcupdeluxe".

Is this too much to ask? And most of all, WHOM to ask and how to reach that community ?