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    It is possible someone to make working RPM for Tumbleweed of this
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikolaiSS View Post
    It is possible someone to make working RPM for Tumbleweed of this
    1. Possible? Of course, but someone has to do it. Most packagers/developers don't use the forums, plus, you would need to ask on IRC or the mailing list, but .........
    2. Wise to do this? No, the software has been unmaintained for 3 years, to package that would mean having the hack all the code, update it to current Qt and KDE, before packaging it, and that would still mean a package with unmaintained software. Which openSUSE as a distro thinks is unacceptable to have in the distro.

    So, IMO you'd better forget about this one.
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    Default Re: RPM request

    that's a dead project that old code will probobly have issues with TW which is a rolling distro
    google told me that somebody already build a TW package a few years ago but I guess because of maintenance issues removed it
    you can still find a copy of that old repo here
    I don't recommend using it as it's 5 years old and installing it will might break TW
    if you really want to you could try rebuilding the src packages
    just download those 4 rpm's and use buildrpm to build binary packages

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