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Thread: No Internet Connection?

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    The way I updated to Leap 15:

    1) I changed paths in respositories from 42.3 to 15.0

    2) Then I run:

    zypper dup
    3) and i rebooted a computer after the process

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    Default Re: No Internet Connection?

    Quote Originally Posted by kon View Post
    ping -c1
    ping: Name or service not known
    Since pings by IP worked, it seems that your only problem is with DNS.

    My usual advice for this:

    Remove the file "/etc/resolv.conf" and then reboot.

    However, an alternative is to run (as root)
    netconfig update -f
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    Hello, please I have tried all the above options and still can't connect to the internet
    The ping test worked except ''ping'' is it possible that a netconfig settings solve if so please advice me on what to do

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