Sorry for the copy cut from https://www.opensuse-forum.de/thread...3%BCr-leap-15/
I have the same problem

I would like to manage my Leap 15 installations with puppet.

For openSuSE Leap 15, there is nothing appropriate at SuSE or at puppet.com. I then used the SLES12 package by puppet.com on a trial basis.

Unfortunately, Leap 15 then provides facter at some central sites (e.g., bacterial functioning system) at leap e.g. nothing with SLES12 the correct value "SLES". This is similarly inconsistent with some other "facts".

So, now I have again the zlm: /zenpuppet/openSUSE_Leap_15.0 repos taken and puppet installed from it. Unfortunately, facter does not behave as expected here:

/ opt / novell / zenworks / bin / factor operatingsystem

For other openSuSE or SLES versions the result is "OpenSuSE" or "SLES" . It is similar with:

/ opt / novell / zenworks / bin / facter osfamily

Normally the result is "SuSE" for OpenSuSE and SLES.

Leap 15 is a lot different to puppet-facts, the Puppet installations I've tried so far. This makes a cross-system management quite difficult, which is actually the meaning of puppet.

I also had a puppet by:
install gem puppet. The facter installed but also makes comparable oddities.

Has anyone with the facts described here with e.g. the zlm-puppet-version success? Does anyone know a puppet version for leap 15 that provides "normal" values ​​for such basic facts as operating system and osfamily?

Of course, it would be nice if openSUSE simply continued to maintain the long-standing puppet in its repos.

Anyone else has an idea how to tame the chameleons all together with puppet?