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Thread: how to give lockscreen refinement feedback?

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    Thumbs up how to give lockscreen refinement feedback?

    Basically, at the lock screen before the password dialog area is presented. Pressing enter presumably has two effects right now:

    1) if no password, return to desktop
    2) if password, say wrong password

    I'm proposing for (2) that if pressing enter to get to the text entry with a password, it should be user friendly, skip the wrong password message, and present the text input box. Because it's sort of a normal thing to whack the enter key to pull up the text entry box in such a case.

    (Yes, I did notice that you can start typing the password right away, some semi-recent change, it seems nice.)

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    Default Re: how to give lockscreen refinement feedback?

    Are we talking KDE ? GNOME ?
    Anyway, the KDE one waits (IIRC) 10 secs before requiring a password.

    FWIW: These kinds of suggestions shouldn't be in Install/Login, rather in Looking for something else ....
    FWIW2: There's not many devs in here ( GNOME and KDE in Tw are pretty upstream ), so they won't see your proposals. The mailing lists, f.e. are better places, if you think it's actually fixing an issue , or join one of the KDE MLs.
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    Default Re: how to give lockscreen refinement feedback?

    Did you even read the title of the thread ... and/or try what I was talking about

    nevermind nobody cares about refinement anyway

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