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Thread: Window Redraw Issues (XFCE)

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    Default Window Redraw Issues (XFCE)

    Hi everyone.

    I have recently switched to Leap using XFCE.

    I did not install nouveau drivers and choose software rendering instead (the installation warned me about the drivers. I hid the warning)

    I am having strange GUI issues that seem to be related to redrawing of windows.

    For example, sometimes I when I would be using, say Thunderbird, my screen would be partially taken over by other windows and even windows that have already been closed a while ago (ghost windows??)

    Any ideas of what to do in order to avoid it? Sometimes it makes my system borderline unusable.

    Thank you so much!

    EDIT: In an attempt to address the problem I have also disabled compositing based on what I found here
    Too early to tell if that helps. Will report.

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    Default Re: Window Redraw Issues (XFCE)

    Not sure what you might mean by "did not install nouveau drivers" because it's my understanding that if you install a full Desktop, then you shouldn't have any choice (or even be prompted)... nouveau will be installed unless you go through the extra steps to install a proprietary nVidia driver.

    If you weren't running XFCE and running only a Window Manager like IceWM, that's the only instance I can think of where you wouldn't be running the nouveau driver.

    Am also not sure why you'd choose to enable "software rendering" where you would almost expect the possibility of the graphic artifacts you describe. Generally, you should always choose "hardware assist" or whatever is like that when given the choice and then undo that only if you have problems with that setting.

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