Good day, folks.
I write now because I have recently acquired a Steam Controller from Valve. It works perfectly and without issue when steam is running. It can be configured well, and has few to no bugs. I love it.
The issue is, when steam is not running, it behaves poorly. It will not connect over the wireless dongle it came with, and when I plug it in with a Micro USB type-b cable, it will briefly function, though not configurable, then enter a boot loop where it restarts every ten seconds or so. I have tried the sc-controller package, and it couldn't detect the controller and made no difference to the boot loop.

I understand it's not likely that many of you have used this controller, and it won't be a disaster if I have to stick to using it with Steam games, but I'll appreciate any help you can provide, even if it's general HID debugging advice.

Thanks so much,

--Henry Wilson