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Thread: Acceleration mode using wayland

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    Hello, how do I know what acceleration mode I'm using in Wayland? I feel that I'm not using the most modern SNA but another one of lower quality like glamor or uxa, I comment this because in general it looks more ugly when i selecte wyland in gdm, the brightness, the contrasts look darker and the definition looks less quality as if the color depth is not the best (32) but one lesser queality, if I select xorg in xdm threre is a big difference, 30% or 40% improvement, before brfora i had manjaro installed in this notebook which has not yet been migrated to wayland by default stiil use x11 and the quality of the image and desktop look is even better. before in xorg there was a xorg.log file where you could see afeter you started the machine what acceleration method was enabled, now in wayland there is not such file but uses the journal of systemd but there is nothing related to glamore or uxa or sna in that file.

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    I assume that you're using Gnome with Wayland? If so, then SNA/UXA is irrelevant AFAIU. When using Wayland the compositor is the display server. This means that the Gnome (GTK+ framework) is responsible for the rendering directly. The compositor uses Linux APIs such as KMS and evdev directly, and EGL is used for rendering. While Wayland is work in progress, many users are finding that it is providing a seamless experience to those running via an Xorg session.

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