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Thread: What's wrong with my appimage.yml

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    Default What's wrong with my appimage.yml

    I'm experimenting with building AppImages on OBS:

    I can't build the AppImage and logs are empty. What is wrong with my appimage.yml?


    <project name="home:linuxbuild">
      <person userid="linuxbuild" role="maintainer"/>
      <repository name="openSUSE_Factory">
        <path project="openSUSE:Factory" repository="standard"/>
      <repository name="AppImage">
        <path project="OBS:AppImage" repository="AppImage"/>
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my appimage.yml

    Fixed by:

    - Do not download anything from outside but use local files from the OBS home repository instead
    - Add desktop file

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