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Thread: Local OBS Instance not working

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    Default Local OBS Instance not working

    I had my own OBS server in virtualbox... it suddenly stopped working in december.

    Now I'm trying to run it again, but it is not working out of box.

    I downloaded virtualbox image obs-server.x86_64-2.9.3-Build1.4.vdi from here:

    Followed all steps from this tutorial:

    • From a web browser, access the web interface: https://vm.ip.address/. Accept the self-signed certificate.
    • In the top right corner of the web interface, there is a Log In option. Use it to log in as: Admin opensuse.
    • Click on the Configuration button to give your server a name and a description. Click on the Interconnect option. Choose openSUSE as the remote repository where we will pick up the packages of the build environment. Log out of the web interface.
    • Use Sign Up option to create a regular user account (for example: hmustermann).
    • As this normal user, click on the Home Project option and create your home project (that would be: "home:hmustermann").
    • Go to this home project, and click on Create package to create your first package (let's say: "mypackage").
    • Go back to your home project, and click the Repositories button. Choose to add a new repository and pick openSUSE 13.1 (for example).
    • Reboot the virtual machine to ensure all projects are rescanned.

    Created simple hello world project (which is working on

    But build fails with error:
    400 remote error: EOF from 443
    (worker was linux:1)

    Before that it hangs for more than 20 minutes with
    Status: Updating...
    and no log output.

    I tried multiple repositories - openSUSE_Leap_15.0, xUbuntu_16.04, ... and multiple projects - which are working on

    Don't know whats wrong.

    Meta configuration of
    <project name="">
    <title>Standard OBS instance at</title>
    <description>This instance delivers the default build targets for OBS.</description>

    Thanks for any help...

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    Default Re: Local OBS Instance not working

    It is working now.
    Don't know what was wrong - I changed nothing on my side...

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