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Thread: LuckyBackup and KDE Wallet Problem

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    Default LuckyBackup and KDE Wallet Problem

    Now using Leap 42.3 and still using LuckyBackup (0.4.9); the problem I raised in 2016 is still with me in a way. I use luckybackup to backup to a NAS. To access the remote NAS directory I must use a password and this is saved in ksshaskpass which is in the KDE Wallet.
    When I first run Luckybackup after a new login I must enter the Wallet password. Thereafter I can run luckybackup without having to use the wallet password (unless I log out in between.) The only problem is I am getting error messages in Luckybackup even though no errors have occurred.
    I cannot see how luckybackup calls the wallet, it just does, but somehow in the process it thinks there has been an error.
    Can anybody suggest a cure please.

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    Default Re: LuckyBackup and KDE Wallet Problem

    Telling stories about error messages you get without showing those error messages will really not help in the understanding.
    Henk van Velden

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    Default Re: LuckyBackup and KDE Wallet Problem

    You might also try searching these forums for threads containing "Lucky” and “backup”. This topic has been discussed recently.
    ~Thank you for sharing an interesting problem.
    slàinte mhath,

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