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    I am new to opensuse and linux in general and i would like to become more of a power user.
    My system runs Leap 15 with KDE.
    Some examples would be:
    • Customizing the of my system's appearance (I have already played around with a nice dock, themes,icon packs and widgets.)
    • Understanding and using the command line more
    • Writing scripts and better understanding their power(I've recently gotten a degree in software development so while I haven't actually worked on the sector yet I have a basic understanding of coding)
    • Better understanding the pros and quirks of opensuse and linux in general

    More topics you find useful would also be appreciated

    Now obviously i do not expect from you to sit down and teach me so, specific things to google would be good, links to documentation or tutorials you know of would be even better.

    Thanks in advance,
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