What is the recommended way to make a bulk vendor change?
there are countless blogs, threads etc on how to not allow vendor change when using up or dup, i want the opposite, i'm migrating from several rolling distros to tw, is there a --do-allow-vendor-change switch in zypper or an 'a/all' in the list of options in the first dialog so you dont have to type 1 for each and every package of the group? man i dont want to type the same 1 option 40 times for every pc, it will take me the hole afternoon to finishem all, i am pretty sure i do want that vendor change, that is the reason i added the packaman repo in the first place, specially for the media codecs, i read in the docs you can disable vendor stickiness:

solver.allowVendorChange = true

but i dont want this either, not for the hole system, i like the idea of vendor stickiness to keep old libraries, perl/python modules etc that make break things thanks.