Hi, is anyone using an photogrammetry software on opensuse?

From what I can see, the usual suspects aren't packaged, and by usual suspects, I mean COLMAP, e-foto, openMVG, openMVS, VisualSFM, and even most of the command-line apps. COLMAP won't do me much good anyway, since it requires nvidia and cuda.

These are available in deb-package land, but there are two problems. First, a virtualbox running ubuntu can only use 70% of your computer's resources, and you typically want all you can get for photogrammetry. The second problem is that I've tried this method and found nothing but trouble with either crash on start or failure to install due to deprecated dependencies. (I don't have much experience compiling from source, and my attempts have been stymied by those same deprecated dependencies.) The packages I've converted to rpm with alien (COLMAP and e-foto) didn't work either.

What I have been able to find is an older version of COLMAP available as a snap that seems to work, though I can't test the most important part, the dense cloud reconstruction, because I have radeon instead of nvidia. Other photogrammetry software available as snaps doesn't seem to work for various reasons. VisualSFM for instance opens but just has squares where the text should be (like in the menu entries).

What I have been able to find on at software.opensuse.org is micmac, a command-line tool packaged for centos. Because it's designed with as few dependencies as possible, it installs and seems to run on Tumbleweed. (I also found a blogger who's compiled patched versions of openMVG and openMVS for Fedora, but they don't work for me.) Installing software packaged for another distro isn't exactly best practice, but if there's anything native (and preferable with a GUI), I'm haven't found it. Is it there? And if not, what have you managed to compile from source?