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    Hi guys,

    Just writing to know if anyone managed to make the new suspend-then-hibernate sleep methodto work in openSUSE.

    If you never heard about suspend-then-hibernate, have a look at the following PRs:

    suspend-then-hibernate is very useful, specially for laptops that can't reach S3 sleeping state like mine. Sleeping for a couple of hours and then hibernating provides a nice balance between convenience / wake-up speed and power consumption.
    Is there a way to upgrade leap to the latest systemd? Has anyone managed to get suspend-then-hibernate working correctly? (People running Tumbleweed are welcome to comment as well. They will probably get the latest systemd faster anyway).

    systemctl suspend-then-hibernate

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaccioly View Post
    Has anyone managed to get suspend-then-hibernate working correctly?
    Searching for "suspend-then-hibernate" on this forum, I found only this single message from over a year ago: a question without any reply since then. Is energy-saving of so little interest to users of opensuse?

    I would also like to use this energy-saving mechanism, which is called "systemd-suspend-then-hibernate.service", but I could not find it on my Leap 15.1 installation, whereas the other 3 systemd services of this kind (systemd-suspend.service, systemd-hibernate.service, systemd-hybrid-sleep.service) are present.

    So, is there no systemd-suspend-then-hibernate.service on Leap, not even the current 15.1?

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    Default Re: systemd: suspend-then-hibernate

    You might submit a "Feature Request" to
    Looking up that component, last modification to it was Mar 2018 which IMO is likely long enough for it to have been merged into the main branch.

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    Default Re: systemd: suspend-then-hibernate

    Thanks for your interest, tsu2. From your answer, I take it that the systemd-suspend-then-hibernate.service is not currently part of Leap 15.1.

    It took me hours to even suspect that (im)probability. All upstream documentation I had found about the kernel sleep states and systemd, as well as from other distributions, referred to suspend-then-hibernate as an integral part of systemd power management.

    An even better alternative might be systemd-hybrid-sleep.service, which I will try next, rather than wait for the suspend-then-hibernate feature to be implemented (or not).

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